Sunday, 15 March 2020

Internet banking:

Looks now as if my previous blog about my own problems to do with Internet Banking was more of a  personal 'whinge' than anything else.  In fact, in view of the possibility of being isolated due to the Corona Virus, I've had to reconsider the value of being able to do so many things on the Internet.

Even before the virus came about, of course, many were, and are, housebound due to debilitating illnesses of many kinds.

The threat of self isolating to us all, and indeed the reality when it happens, might perhaps enable us to appreciate just how that must feel and how much initiative and creativity, determination and inner strength, keep many alive and safe, and living life to the fullest in difficult circumstances.

Being able to manage our affairs using the Internet if we are confined to our home, will make life easier, and petty problems sometimes, like logging on immediately when you want to, of minor significance.

Maybe the more we have, the more we moan .........or is it just me ?

Stay safe.


Thursday, 12 March 2020

I'm getting on a bit now, I know, and it has to be said that getting older is better than not getting older.
I knew it was coming.  Old age.  I've known for some time.  And I expected a few changes and difficulties.  But not things like 'Internet Banking'.

I didn't expect that access to the Internet would become a must.  Or that banks would come to resemble amusement arcades inside, with screens and lights flashing at you from every angle.

Or that cashiers would be replaced by slot machines.

But all this can be avoided by logging on, of course. That is, when you can log on !

Maybe it wasn't safe before when money actually existed and wasn't just a number in a computer somewhere, but is it any safer now ?

I suspect that the trials and tribulations of learning how to use things like 'Internet Banking' has finished off a few older folk.

We've already survived a lot of change in our lives and I'm sure we'll survive a lot more if we grit our teeth and apply ourselves to the problems ahead with patience and acceptance. Just as we've done so many many times before.


Wednesday, 11 March 2020

All you need is love

I left school in 1964 when The Beatles were taking the World by storm.  What an incredible time that was.  I ask myself did I think that it was so great because I was young ?
I don't think that it was just that, but it's bound to have played a part.
I'd just started work, where I was reprimanded for wearing cuban heeled boots and having my hair too long, and was earning money.  This gave me a sense of freedom I think.  But it wasn't just that either.
There was a great sense of something 'happening' that so many of us felt a part of.
The music of course was a big part of it, and I feel very fortunate to have been around at that time, in my teens, when this 'something' was happening.
It developed into the Hippy Movement I suppose, which was based in 'love'.
Unfortunately the 'love' for many could only be felt by taking drugs.   And people didn't so much want to get on with one another as much as they wanted to get on top of one another !

Free love meant 'sex' to most of us at that time, and the pill enabled girls, and women, to enjoy sex  without fear of getting pregnant.

But even so, 'love and peace' were in fashion, if only for a short time.


Thursday, 5 March 2020

When I was a kid, Corona was a fizzy pop.  And 'pop' was what we called a soft fizzy sweet drink.  The Corona lorry came round the streets and we took empty bottles back to it and bought full ones.  Flavours like Dandelion and Burdoch, Ice Cream Soda as well as lemonade if I remember rightly.

Now, look's the name of a deadly virus.  Or at least, a nasty virus.  Not everyone who gets infected with it will die.

So why the great panic ?  Bugs have always been around and one of them will probably get ya in the end and finish you off.

Maybe this one. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, while we're all waiting, why don't we decide not to add to the number of things that could kill us, and stop killing each other !

Maybe it'll take a common enemy, a serious threat to each and every one of us on the planet before we decide to co-operate with each other and combine our energies and talents, knowledge and skills, and work for the benefit of mankind now.  All mankind. And not just for the sake of future generations, but for our sakes too.

Let's make effective medicines that we can ALL afford for a start off.

And let's not profit financially from other people's misfortunes.

Let's work to make a living, not to build an empire.

Let's create jobs for human beings instead of robots.

let's concentrate on loving each other as we are in all our perfect imperfection.

I can dream.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Sorry, folks, I haven't been able to update my web site for some time.  Since I updated my computer actually, and the software for updating my site ceased to work.
I've been told I may have to update my software now.
And that's all well and good but it all takes time.
And time is the most precious commodity, if that's the right word, to us human beings who have a limited life span.
Life we measure in time.  How many years we've been alive, how many more we might be alive.
Usually that's an unknown.

A woman trying to sell me some double glazing on the telephone when I declined to commit my wife and I to a one hour consultation with their salesman said to me " Ah, Yes, I understand, time is money."

I replied, "Time is not money, Time is life !"

She didn't get it.

And I didn't get the double glazing.

I know, she's just doing her job.  Trying to make a living like most of the rest of us.  I just sometimes get annoyed that we don't always value our time as much as we value our money. And that others don't value our time at all.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

To make a difference

Painting is something that I do to make a living.  It has been since 1970.  But since around the year 1986 I've also been involved in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  First as a client, and later as a qualified therapist.

I love this work.  It's my way of trying to make a difference in this world.  A difference to the lives of individuals who might then go on to make a difference to others in a positive way.
Life is a flowing ever changing process.  We change from moment to moment.  Not just physically but psychologically.  This is natural.  But we seem to have such a strong desire to resist these changes that we run the risk of stagnating, and living in a constant state of self denial. We keep our defences, and our dams, in place, under the misapprehension that this keeps us safe and free from emotional pain.

When asked if we're ok we respond that we are fine, even when we're not fine.

It's important to make the time now and then to reflect on how we really are.  To allow our feelings to catch up with us so that we can work through them, and feel them in their intensity.  This is what enables the river of life to keep flowing.

This painting has nothing at all to do with any of this !  I put it here for you to enjoy.
If it has any message at all, for me it says:

"These are the elements that we are all made from; who would have thought that such incredibly complicated and wonderful things as human beings could be manufactured from them.  And all life on this fantastic planet.  It's nothing short of a miracle."

      Cry of The Gulls.........a painting by John Bampfield........

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

It's good to think.

Long time since I wrote anything on here, and I ask myself, "Self, why is this? "
And my self replies....."Well, did you have anything that you wanted to write?"

And maybe I didn't.

Just thoughts really.  And the good thing about thoughts is that they are thoughts, and as such, totally private.  You can think what you like.

It might be a novel idea that we don't have to voice or write our thoughts for all to see, share our silliest or most serious moments or ideas, our inner dialogues with total strangers, or anyone for that matter.

Even that thought.

Or this thought.

In this age of Big Brother when our data is being constantly collected  by governments, police and Google, or so it seems, when we can't walk a street or drive a car without being on camera, search on line for a product without being targeted by manufacturers of similar products every time we log on to whatever we log on to, what a luxury to have the privacy of our own minds.

No passwords to remember, no Broadband bills to pay, no press one for this or two for that.....bliss.

So for now, I'm happy just to think for a while, and keep my thoughts to myself, maybe until I have thought of something that I feel is worth sharing.

Something is short, make the most of it.

or.........Why are we spending millions, if not billions, drilling holes on Mars when our hospitals are struggling on Earth.

Just thoughts to remind me that I am.