Friday, 10 July 2015

A painting of poppies by John Bampfield

Poppies and Lavender, actually, ......................what a sight to gladden the heart and make it sing !

I have a friend. She's 96.  I see her fairly often.  She now lives in a residential home.  Her stay there costs her a small fortune.

No one will  have to pay inheritance tax on her previous home, when she dies, which is neither here nor there really, as she'll need every single penny from the sale of it to pay for her care while she's alive.  

She doesn't complain.

When I visited her a little while ago, I moaned about the weather, which at that time was cold and wet.

She just smiled at me and said " I'm grateful for any weather."

As you might imagine, she is a remarkable woman.

She too, is able to gladden my heart and make it sing.