Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Fishing Boat  circa 1970  Mixed Media on Hardboard

This was how it started for me.

Painting brightly coloured decorative panels, and selling them to galleries and gift shops in Cornwall.

I remember having to learn to draw a boat!  Once I did, I painted the same boat from different angles onto several backgrounds.

The rigging and netting was piped on.  A technique that I'd seen used by another artist that took me quite a while to master.

These pictures were popular with holiday makers and that enabled me to begin to make a living by producing paintings. 

I look back on these with some apprehension now, though, each one, someone, wiser than I, once pointed out to me, is another page of my diary.

What made us?

The Coast, Cornwall   

Living on the coast of Cornwall is a privilege and an inspiration.

As you might imagine, it's not all blue skies and turquoise seas, golden sands and buckets and spades.
We locals get to see it in all it's moods, dark and light.

Standing on a beach on the North Coast, looking up at the sky and out to sea almost never fails to amaze me.  The sheer scale of it all is enough to put you in your place with regard to how much power you have as a human being, when compared to nature, on this incredible planet.  Not much.

And there's nothing, including us, that isn't made from this earth, sea and sky.  They have somehow come together in the most miraculous way to produce life.

How it happened is a mystery.

Why it happened is a mystery.

All we really know for sure, as far as I'm aware, is that it happened.  And I'm glad that it did,  as I consider life, in all its forms, to be the most remarkable and precious thing on this Earth.