Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Symi, watercolour and ink. ...John Bampfield

I was reminded today of a holiday that my wife and I had, some years ago now,  when I did this little pen and ink drawing of an old distressed and faded doorway, on Symi, a Greek Island.

It was fabulous.

The food was affordable, the sun shone every day, swimming in the sea was blissful. The local people were friendly and helpful and we made some friends.  What more could you want?

We returned there about ten years later to find that some things had changed.  Nevertheless,  the sun shone and the sea was still a delight to swim in, and the locals were still friendly.

My hope is that they'll remain that way.

Yesterday, we drove through a town on the South Coast of England, Weymouth,  where I went on holiday with my parents when I was a boy.

It has changed too. Inevitable I suppose.

It's always risky to go back to somewhere where we've loved being, and with people we've loved being with, who may, perhaps, no longer be alive.

Better, sometimes, to stick with the present, and hope for changes that bring improved quality to all life forms, including ours.

Change is inevitable, but it doesn't always have to be for the worst, does it?