Saturday, 17 September 2016

with love

I have a show running in Bournemouth from Monday 19th. Sept for a few weeks.

at:  Gallery 65, Westbourne, Bournemouth

I've had few shows during my 47 year career as a painter......probably because it's very hard work, and scary!

Painting is a solitary occupation most of the time, and it has to be that way really.  Much as I want people to see my work, and to share my sense of joy and wonder, sadness and confusion, and all the other feelings to do with living, my paintings are sort of a part of me.  Putting them on show is like opening myself up to inspection, and possible rejection.

I have a good friend, a surfing buddy, who, when we look down the face of a largish wave, before taking the drop, says, "if you don't go, you won't know! "

You might make it, and reap the rewards, the thrill of the ride, or you might wipeout.

That's how staging a show feels to me.  It's an emotional wave of huge proportions.

And I'm going for it!