Wednesday, 2 November 2016

In my world, art is important.  Not least of all because I make the larger proportion of my living by selling my paintings.  Not just for that reason but because I'm able to enjoy painting and paintings.

I often wonder why anyone in this modern world of fast changing images on our television or dvd screens, this 'see what you want when you want, as many times as you want' culture would want a painting on the wall.

It stays as it is, it doesn't light up, its not the latest impressive piece of technological wizardry, it makes no sound........

As I sat comfortably yesterday evening, relaxed and looking at my own paintings on the walls of our lounge I was able to drift away into a dream world,  a quiet, non changing, non flashing, non advertising, non demanding, non licensed, non taxed, non tick boxed, non accountable, non prejudiced,
non to be.

A don't have to buy a license, plug it in , or search furiously for the remote to press the mute when an advert comes on, or pops up.  You can enjoy it at your leisure.  See it how you are.  Think what you like about it, allow yourself to feel how looking at the painting affects you, why you probably bought it in the first place.

It won't'  beep' at you, adverts won't flash across the surface every two minutes, it won't know that half an hour ago you were searching the internet for a new washing machine, and relay that information to every other painting in the universe that you might look at.

It's just a painting.  And that, surely,  IS the joy of it !

When you view work on line unfortunately the experience is not the same.  Looking at a back- lit image that just might beep at you, usually smaller than the original, maybe surrounded by washing machine ads.....etc.  But it might just wet your appetite to go out and search for the real thing.  But even then I suggest that you don't settle for a paper image either, a print, unless you love a painting but couldn't possibly afford it and feed the kids, yourself, and the cat.

Art is food for the soul, and after all, when you're hungry, you probably wouldn't settle for a photograph of a sandwich.

Of course, in my case, it also puts food on the table.  It seems to me that I have the best of both worlds.

I put images of my paintings here for you to look at for free, in the hope that you might one day own an original of your own.

Nice, if it happens to be one of mine, but anyway if not, something that may give you a 'gentle' pleasure for many years to come.  And some public galleries are free to enter, and although one or two 'pieces' might light up or beep at you, most of the the paintings probably won't.

jb :  )

'A painting'    by   john bampfield

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

back to basics !

Dividing my time between painting and counselling can be challenging at times.  I'm the sort of person who usually prefers to concentrate on one thing at a time.  I realize as I get older, that I want to do so many things, but I want to do them all exceptionally well.  This calls for an investment of time and energy that is being stretched to the limit.

"I may have to settle for doing one or two things as well as I'm able to", I say to myself.

"And then again', I say, "variety is supposed to be the spice of life!"

Painting and Counselling will always remain the two things that I want to excel most at, and they are the two occupations into which I've put more of myself, my time and my energy than any other.

I think that it will stay that way as both provide me with the greatest amount of challenge and satisfaction.

North Cornwall         100 x 100 cms.     John Bampfield