Wednesday, 6 March 2019

It's good to think.

Long time since I wrote anything on here, and I ask myself, "Self, why is this? "
And my self replies....."Well, did you have anything that you wanted to write?"

And maybe I didn't.

Just thoughts really.  And the good thing about thoughts is that they are thoughts, and as such, totally private.  You can think what you like.

It might be a novel idea that we don't have to voice or write our thoughts for all to see, share our silliest or most serious moments or ideas, our inner dialogues with total strangers, or anyone for that matter.

Even that thought.

Or this thought.

In this age of Big Brother when our data is being constantly collected  by governments, police and Google, or so it seems, when we can't walk a street or drive a car without being on camera, search on line for a product without being targeted by manufacturers of similar products every time we log on to whatever we log on to, what a luxury to have the privacy of our own minds.

No passwords to remember, no Broadband bills to pay, no press one for this or two for that.....bliss.

So for now, I'm happy just to think for a while, and keep my thoughts to myself, maybe until I have thought of something that I feel is worth sharing.

Something is short, make the most of it.

or.........Why are we spending millions, if not billions, drilling holes on Mars when our hospitals are struggling on Earth.

Just thoughts to remind me that I am.