Monday, 7 October 2019

Sorry, folks, I haven't been able to update my web site for some time.  Since I updated my computer actually, and the software for updating my site ceased to work.
I've been told I may have to update my software now.
And that's all well and good but it all takes time.
And time is the most precious commodity, if that's the right word, to us human beings who have a limited life span.
Life we measure in time.  How many years we've been alive, how many more we might be alive.
Usually that's an unknown.

A woman trying to sell me some double glazing on the telephone when I declined to commit my wife and I to a one hour consultation with their salesman said to me " Ah, Yes, I understand, time is money."

I replied, "Time is not money, Time is life !"

She didn't get it.

And I didn't get the double glazing.

I know, she's just doing her job.  Trying to make a living like most of the rest of us.  I just sometimes get annoyed that we don't always value our time as much as we value our money. And that others don't value our time at all.

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