Wednesday, 11 March 2020

All you need is love

I left school in 1964 when The Beatles were taking the World by storm.  What an incredible time that was.  I ask myself did I think that it was so great because I was young ?
I don't think that it was just that, but it's bound to have played a part.
I'd just started work, where I was reprimanded for wearing cuban heeled boots and having my hair too long, and was earning money.  This gave me a sense of freedom I think.  But it wasn't just that either.
There was a great sense of something 'happening' that so many of us felt a part of.
The music of course was a big part of it, and I feel very fortunate to have been around at that time, in my teens, when this 'something' was happening.
It developed into the Hippy Movement I suppose, which was based in 'love'.
Unfortunately the 'love' for many could only be felt by taking drugs.   And people didn't so much want to get on with one another as much as they wanted to get on top of one another !

Free love meant 'sex' to most of us at that time, and the pill enabled girls, and women, to enjoy sex  without fear of getting pregnant.

But even so, 'love and peace' were in fashion, if only for a short time.


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  1. Reminiscing on the sixties: Everyone was intent on finding themselves and doing their own thing; rebels without a cause. We self defined by being different. The Beatles had it right. Love IS all you need. Love, love, love. It doesn’t have to be sex-dependent; although sex, as in making love to your special someone, fills the need to deeply connect to another human being, as you inhale their essence, feel their skin close to yours and allow yourself to become vulnerable with them. Love can be chaste as in brotherly or sisterly or all encompassing as for our fellow man and our world. There are so many shades of love, all of them worthy and magnificent. It’s clear that man has no appetite for peace but for love? Let’s hope that we can kindle that spark of love. It’s still the best chance we’ve got. In finding love, we may be lucky enough to find peace.