Sunday, 15 March 2020

Internet banking:

Looks now as if my previous blog about my own problems to do with Internet Banking was more of a  personal 'whinge' than anything else.  In fact, in view of the possibility of being isolated due to the Corona Virus, I've had to reconsider the value of being able to do so many things on the Internet.

Even before the virus came about, of course, many were, and are, housebound due to debilitating illnesses of many kinds.

The threat of self isolating to us all, and indeed the reality when it happens, might perhaps enable us to appreciate just how that must feel and how much initiative and creativity, determination and inner strength, keep many alive and safe, and living life to the fullest in difficult circumstances.

Being able to manage our affairs using the Internet if we are confined to our home, will make life easier, and petty problems sometimes, like logging on immediately when you want to, of minor significance.

Maybe the more we have, the more we moan .........or is it just me ?

Stay safe.


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