Thursday, 5 March 2020

When I was a kid, Corona was a fizzy pop.  And 'pop' was what we called a soft fizzy sweet drink.  The Corona lorry came round the streets and we took empty bottles back to it and bought full ones.  Flavours like Dandelion and Burdoch, Ice Cream Soda as well as lemonade if I remember rightly.

Now, look's the name of a deadly virus.  Or at least, a nasty virus.  Not everyone who gets infected with it will die.

So why the great panic ?  Bugs have always been around and one of them will probably get ya in the end and finish you off.

Maybe this one. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, while we're all waiting, why don't we decide not to add to the number of things that could kill us, and stop killing each other !

Maybe it'll take a common enemy, a serious threat to each and every one of us on the planet before we decide to co-operate with each other and combine our energies and talents, knowledge and skills, and work for the benefit of mankind now.  All mankind. And not just for the sake of future generations, but for our sakes too.

Let's make effective medicines that we can ALL afford for a start off.

And let's not profit financially from other people's misfortunes.

Let's work to make a living, not to build an empire.

Let's create jobs for human beings instead of robots.

let's concentrate on loving each other as we are in all our perfect imperfection.

I can dream.

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  1. Well said, yet I don’t fancy waiting to be polished off by some virus or other. Old age will mercifully get me in the end. In the meantime I fully support loving one another in our ‘perfect imperfection’. It’s the best option we have at the end of the day. Without love, life is sparse and dry. And, it never hurts to dream. Today’s dreams may become tomorrow’s reality.